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The team from Essendon’s stunning St Rose cafe has spread its wings and headed to Ascot Vale with No. 19.

The husband and wife team, Domenic and Diana Caruso, were originally in the airline industry, before deciding to shift gears and pursue their passion of quality food and equally delectable coffee. Their first cafe was Espresso 3121 in Cremorne before they moved onto St Rose. The simple, minimalistic space was an immediate hit among the locals and one of the first venues in the area to offer great food and excellent coffee in stunning surrounds.

In nearby Ascot Vale it seemed that very few venues offered a similar package. Diana and Domenic searched high and low for the perfect spot, but kept coming back to the beautiful light filled space along Union Road.

No.19 pays homage to St Rose in many ways. St Rose is located at No.19 Rose St, and so the address featuring on signage throughout No.19. The same smooth Five Senses coffee blend is used at both venues, and they both hit the mark with excellent food, coffee and design.

There are differences though. While St Rose’s menu features plenty of health-focused options, No.19 has taken this one step further, offering plenty of vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free options. If you feel like being a bit more indulgent though, No.19 also offers a few naughty brunch offerings.

Whatever you choose you can rest assured that the produce is of the highest quality. Dench Artisan bakers provides fresh bread, Kean Eggs supplies free-range eggs. Fruits and vegetables are also sourced locally where possible and seasonal produce informs the menu choices.

At St Rose the design choices are simple and stunning; for No. 19 Diana and Domenic have taken this one step further with organic and minimal details.

Brass sconces pop out from textured concrete walls while pops of blue and indoor plants complete the laid back yet refined interior. If you are keen to see where the action happens, take a seat with a view into the open kitchen and see if you can pick up a few tips from the talented chefs.

No.19 is a welcome addition to Ascot Vale. With excellent food, coffee and a stunning space, No.19 ticks every box you could want.

No. 19 is set to open in mid-December.

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214 Union Road, Ascot Vale


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