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Sensory Lab is expanding with it’s latest iteration providing an inner-city coffee hub with a difference.

While Sensory Lab may be well known for its coffee, specialty tea has been brought to the forefront at the newest member of the St Ali family.

Although Sensory Lab is already well known for its two David Jones sites, the newest cafe marks the first free-standing Sensory Lab. While Sensory Lab has always provided their discerning customers with delicious teas, the larger site provides plenty of opportunity for the team to spread its wings introducing a greater range of specialty teas.

Sensory Lab’s recently released range of Chinese-inspired teas will delight fans of the warming beverage. The specialty teas are served in a traditional Gaiwan, a Chinese lidded bowl that is designed to draw out flavour through a larger ratio of tea to water.

While aromatic herbal tea blends are the perfect option to be enjoyed by themselves there are also brewed treats for those who prefer a creamier drink – single estate teas and everyday teas are served with milk.

The larger space has allowed the Sensory Lab team to have a more design-focused space. Foolscap Studios designed the space to highlight the ritual of morning coffee.

When you first walk in you’re greeted by a finely tuned coffee production. Stainless steel, suspended translucent canopies and linoleum marry new high-tech production with the history and tradition of tea and coffee.

With a wide ranging toast bar also on offer and a variety of quality spreads to match, Sensory Lab will see the normally quiet Ridgeway Place become a destination thoroughfare for the before-work crowd with a window for easy ordering.

Locate Sensory Lab Collins Street

30 Collins St, off Ridgeway Place, Melbourne


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