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Temperance Society is bringing quality coffee to the suburbs.

Not that it’s surprising when you consider the two brains behind Hughesdale’s newest cafe. Temperance Society is the brainchild of not one but two Melbourne speciality coffee loyalists.

Julien Moussi is well known throughout Melbourne’s eastern suburbs for creating and sustaining speciality coffee cafes. He formerly ran Collective Cafe and also looks after My Other Brother, also in Camberwell and Annoying Brother in Fitzroy North.

It’s no wonder that he joined up with Eamon Sheahan who has a similar love for spreading the joy that is speciality coffee. Eamon worked in hospitality for years before establishing his first cafe, Espresso 3121 is Richmond. After a few years he established Miss Frank in Camberwell’s mostly residential Through Road and Boy and Co Milkshakes in Malvern.

It seems that Eamon can’t sit still. He moved on from his original cafes to establish Temperance Society and Age of Sail with Julien. The pair were looking for an area that wasn’t yet saturated in cafes – no small feat in Melbourne – when they came across an old milk bar in Hughesdale.

In the early 20th century the Temperance Society worked hard to prevent people from drinking. They would frequently meet in milkbars – at the time a small haven for those who preferred to abstain from alcohol. While Julian and Eamon don’t have anything against drinking, they thought the name was fitting for an unlicensed cafe in a converted milk bar.

Temperance Society’s boasts a range of both healthy and indulgent selections.

The signature dish is the brûlée yoghurt served with both dried and fresh strawberries. Another favourite is the black rice sushi burger, perfect for gluten free feeds. Raw superfood smoothies are particularly popular among the health conscious crowd. The PB Cup smoothie features peanut butter, banana, raw cacao powder, chia seeds, coconut and organic almond milk while the passion pop combines passionfruit, mixed berries, mango and coconut with almond milk.

Temperance Society is a welcome addition to Hughesdale, bringing a little slice of inner city cafe culture to the south.

Locate Temperance Society

127 Kangaroo Road, Hughesdale, VIC


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