Beef massaman curry slow cooker

You love beef massaman curry. I love beef massaman curry! This incredible Thai recipe, which originated in Thailand, is absolutely delicious. It is packed with flavors and beef that falls apart. Guess what? You can easily recreate it using your slow cooker. It’s not necessary to brown the meat first. It’s just like my Mongolian slow cooker beef recipe. Slow cooker recipes are my favorite! I don’t personally eat much beef. My husband and I don’t like beef. We both took a few mouthfuls of the beef massaman, looked at each other, and said, “Oh my goodness, this is so delicious!” The meat was falling apart, and it had a wonderful flavor. My house smelled AMAZING when I came home after a long workday. This hearty and delicious meal was everything I could have asked for.

The Mr. even ate seconds. He NEVER did that! This is one of my favorite slow cooker dishes. So much flavor! If you like Asian food, then you should also check out my slow cooker chicken recipe. It’s equally as delicious!

Let’s get back to the beef masaman curry. This is a fantastic recipe that will introduce you to Thai flavors without the usual heat. I’ve been to Thailand, and they LOVE heat!

You can get a good beef dish for very little money. It was still delicious even though I used cheaper pre-diced cuts of beef. Even the most inexpensive cuts can be transformed into delicious meals by ‘low-and-slow’ cooking. Premade curry pastes are available, which can save you a lot of money by not having to purchase 20 different herbs and spices for your pantry!

Have you ever made a beef massaman curry in a slow cooker? Here are some tips that may help you…

Beef Massaman Recipe Tips

  • Coconut cream is much better than coconut milk. The taste is much creamier and richer. The difference is noticeable. You can use 400ml of coconut milk if you must, but it will be much runnier.
  • Make sure that your beef and potatoes are roughly the same size. This will ensure that the entire batch cooks evenly.
  • To mix the sauce, I use a whisk. This ensures that all flavors are evenly distributed and there are no lumps.
  • Are you worried that your sauce is a little pale? Don’t! The color will change dramatically during cooking. I promise it gets more delicious!
  • This curry can be served as a complete meal by adding potatoes. You can serve this curry on its own or with rice, or even dip it in naan. All options are delicious.
  • This recipe is a good example. This is for two reasons. 1. The fish sauce is extremely salty. 2. They don’t season their food with salt in Thailand. If you want to spice up your food, they use fish sauce, lime or lemon juice, and freshly cracked pepper.
  • It would help if you were VERY cautious when using fish sauce. You don’t even need much of it!
  • The beef massaman curry in Thailand is mild. This is a great curry to begin your Thai journey! If you prefer your curry to be a bit hotter, add a finely chopped red chili. If you like your curry extra spicy, keep the seeds.
  • Where can you find Massaman paste? I found a 200g bottle in my local Tesco store (in the UK). It’s available in other supermarkets as well.

Simple Beef Massaman Curry Recipe for Slow Cooker

  • What you’ll need to serve four


    • 700g (1 lb. nine oz.) diced beef
    • 2 tbsp Plain Flour
    • 320g (11 oz) Potatoes, Diced *
    • 1 Onion, Finely Chop
    • 200g (7 oz.) Massaman Curry Paste
    • 400ml (1 + 2/3 Cup) Chicken Stock
    • Coconut Cream 500ml (2 Cups).
    • 2 tbsp of Fish Sauce
    • Half a Lemon Juice
    • 1 tbsp of Light Brown Sugar
    • How to Serve Cooked rice
  • Chopped Coriander To Serve (Optional).

Essential Equipment

      • Slow Cooker 3.5 L
  • *I used Jazzy Potatoes – they are a little like baby potatoes. You can use any kind!
    • 1 lb 9 oz) in the plain flour (2-3 tbsp). Mix everything well to ensure that it is lightly and evenly coated. You may find it easier to do this in a bag, as my method was messy.
    • 11 oz) and finely chop the onion (x 1). Try to keep the potato dice the same size as the beef. Could you place them in the slow cooker?
  • It’s time to make the sauce. 7 oz) chicken stock (400ml Mix everything well with a whisk, removing any lumps of curry paste.
  • Pour the sauce into the slow cooker on top of the potatoes and onions. Add the beef coated in sauce. Pull apart any pieces that are stuck together. Place the lid on, and don’t stir. Cook on low for 8 hours.
  • Didn’t I say that the color would become darker and more appealing? It’s just a matter of stirring it up and serving. You can eat it with rice, naan, or whatever you like. If you want to be fancy, sprinkle with some chopped coriander.

How to Freeze Beef Massaman Curry

  • It is possible to freeze this curry, but the texture of the potatoes may change slightly after defrosting and reheating. The potatoes get a bit mushier. (Technical term!) It will still be delicious.
  • Pour your curry into plastic tubs or freezer bags (I use the tubs that come with Chinese and Indian take-outs). Make sure to cover the beef and potatoes in sauce to prevent freezer burn.
  • Use your beef masaman curry within 24 hours after defrosting it thoroughly. To reheat the curry, heat it in a pan over low heat.


      • 700 g diced beef
      • 2 tbsp Plain Flour
      • 320 g Potatoes, (Diced)
      • 1 Onion (Finely chopped)
      • 200 g Massaman curry paste
      • 400 ml Chicken Stock
      • Coconut Cream 500 ml
      • 2 tbsp of Fish Sauce
      • Half a Lemon Juice
      • 1 tbsp of Light Brown Sugar
      • Cooked rice (to serve, optional)
      • Chopped Coriander (To Serve, Optional)

Essential Equipment

      • Slow Cooker 3.5 L


        1. Set aside the flour-coated beef dice. In the bottom of the slow cooker, place the finely chopped onions and diced potatoes.
        2. To make the sauce, whisk together the massaman paste, chicken stock, and coconut cream. Add the fish sauce, lemon, and brown sugar.
        3. Add the floured beef after you pour the massaman curry over the potatoes and onion. Stirring is not necessary.
    1. Cover the pot and cook it on low for eight hours.


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