Can you Freeze Rice

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It is easy to freeze meals, and it saves time. You can have dinner on the table in no time. You can freeze your favorite rice dishes too. Yes, you can! It’s also a great way to store leftovers if you make too much rice.

We at Minute(r) Rice are here to help make your meals more -quality and home-cooked without all the hassle. We will show you how to efficiently store leftover grains and then give you some easy recipe ideas on what to do with them.

What kind of rice can I freeze?

This method works with any rice grain, such as white rice, aromatic jasmine rice, whole grain brown, or a mixture like Minute(r), Quinoa & Rice, a blend of brown rice, red rice, wild rice quinoa.

Did you know our Ready-to-Serve Rice comes in individual portions? It’s perfect for a quick meal during the week. You can heat the rice for 60-90 seconds. There is no need to freeze. It’s already an easy and quick meal option.

How to freeze plain rice

Both cooked and uncooked rice can be frozen. Rice can be frozen raw to extend its shelf life, and brown rice, in particular, will last longer due to the natural oils found in its kernels. We’ll show you both how to cook and freeze uncooked rice.

Freezing uncooked rice

  1. Place the uncooked rice into a freezer bag with a label.
  2. Remove as much air from the room as you can.
  3. Save space by storing it flat.
  4. Cook as usual – no need to defrost.

You can use frozen cooked rice for various recipes, including stuffed peppers and skillet dishes. It is also great to have on hand when you need it. Follow these simple steps to freeze rice without adding extra ingredients like vegetables or protein.

Freezing cooked rice

  1. Rice can be stored in freezer bags with labels after it has been cooled.
  2. Remove as much air from the room as you can.
  3. It is best to keep it flat so that the defrosting process can be accelerated.

Storage Tip

  • It is important to remember the date you froze the rice and the amount you put in the bag. Always eat the food that has been in storage for extended periods.
  • The frozen cooked rice will keep for up to a month.

It sounds simple. When you are ready to eat, defrost the rice in your fridge, microwave, or counter until it is warmed or thawed.

Recipes using Defrosted rice

When you remove the rice from the freezer, you can use your freshly-cooked rice anywhere.

Rice Bed

Use these chicken, beef, or pork recipes to make a bed of rice.

  • Chicken and rice: 15 Minute Mediterranean Style Chicken
  • Pork: Crispy ground Pork with Rice
  • Beef: Easy beef stew with rice

Hearty Rice Salad

Add it to a side rice salad for a quick dinner or lunch, like this Pomegranate Arugula Rice Salad.

Creamy Rice Soup

Broccoli Rice Soup.

How to Freeze Rice Meal

You can also freeze a whole meal if you wish to get ahead. Prepare your meals and freeze them for later.

Rice Skillets

Rice Skillets can be frozen and cooked quickly for weeknight meals. You can use different proteins such as shrimp, chicken, or beans.

  • Shrimp Jambalaya
  • Zesty Chicken & Rice Skillet
  • One Pot Shakshuka
  • Kidney Beans with Rice

How to Freeze

Prepare according to the instructions, and then store in individual containers to make meal preparation easier. You can also use large containers to batch-cook. Freeze for up to one month, then defrost it in the refrigerator, microwave, or countertop.


You can make weeknight meals easier by baking casseroles or using the oven. Try this tasty Rice, Zucchini, and Squash Casserole. To save time, we suggest freezing and preparing before cooking.

How to Freeze

Prepare as per instructions without baking. Cook according to the instructions by placing them directly in the oven from the freezer. It may require additional cooking time. Heat until the vegetables are cooked and the rice is warm.


It’s a great meal to keep in the freezer for quick meals or appetizers. They are perfect for sharing at a party or game-day snack. Prepare a second batch of meatballs and keep them in the freezer so you always have a supply on hand.

How to Freeze

Cook meatballs as instructed and Store them in individual containers to make meal preparation easier or in larger containers. Freeze meatballs for up to one month, then defrost them in the refrigerator, microwave, or countertop.

You can make delicious meals with ease. Check out our Quick Tips for more information on increasing flavor and quality with meals like Fried Rice with Egg with Minute(r), Rice, and Quinoa.

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