Glass Meal Prep Containers

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The Best Glass Meal Prep Containers

Glass meal prep containers are my go-to container for weekly meal prep. Over the last decade, I’ve tested many container brands – Here is a review of my favorites so you can make an informed decision when building your supply of glass food storage containers for meal prep.

My meal prep journey started way back in 2010. Honestly, I didn’t even know “meal prep” was a thing back then. All I knew was that if I wanted to eat healthy foods, I needed meals prepared beforehand, so that’s what I did.

And it worked; meal prep was a massive game-changer for me. Not only did I lose over 30 lbs preparing foods ahead of time, but I significantly reduced my stress too. Oh, meal prep saves me money too.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how I love food prep, but in this post, I want to talk specifically about glass meal prep containers. If you want more info on meal prep, check out my how-to meal prep for the week and Meal prep for weight loss posts.

Why glass? Can’t I use plastic containers? Do I have to go out and purchase special containers for meal prep?

You can use any container you wish to meal prep. I used whatever I had in the kitchen when I started weekly meal prep. Or whatever container I could find the matching lid for – hey, just keeping it real?

At that time, there weren’t all the glass meal prep container options you see sprinkled all over Instagram and Pinterest today. Nope, we OG meal preppers used plastic containers and bags back then – and we survived.

However, I did evolve to glass meal prep containers when I discovered mason jar salads.

I immediately noticed that the ingredients stayed fresh longer and tasted better in a glass mason jar. Having the proper food storage makes a big difference in long-lasting freshness.

From there, I started to purchase other glass containers for meal prep and, over the years, turned to glass over plastic for storing most of my recipes.

Reasons Meal Prep is Better in Glass Containers

  • Ingredients stay fresh longer. Exceptional food storage is what turned me on to glass containers. And it’s not just mason jar salads. Every recipe or ingredient I’ve stored in a glass meal prep container has stayed fresh for at least a week or more.
  • Easy to see the food. Glass containers are clear containers, meaning everyone can see what’s inside, making it more likely that the food won’t go to waste.
  • You can microwave foods in glass containers without worrying about chemicals leaking into the food with glass containers when microwaving. Also, I’ve noticed that glass heats food evenly and in less time. Bonus!
  • You can freeze foods in glass containers. If you allow room for expansion and temperature change (don’t place a frozen glass container in a hot oven), storing glass containers in the freezer is perfectly safe.
  • Better for the environment. We can all agree that plastic anything is not doing our environment good. Glass meal prep containers unless they break, are reusable forever. I’ve had some of my glass containers for 8+ years.
  • Easy to clean. This may not be a deal-breaker, but it’s a huge bonus when I can easily clean containers. Plastic containers always leave stains, soak in odors, or have leftover residue. Glass meal prep containers are dishwasher-safe and come out squeaky clean; I recommend washing them on the top-rack dishwasher.
  • Easy to store. Glass food-storage containers are more significant and bulkier than plastic, but they easily stack on one another, so storage is less of an issue.

The Best Glass Meal Prep Containers

Let’s talk about some of my favorite glass meal prep containers. Meal prep has become super trendy over the last few years, so many companies have sprouted up to offer us all kinds of glass container options. One quick search for “glass meal prep containers” on Amazon, and you’ll see what I mean. Good thing; I’ve tried many glass food storage containers, so I’m here to break it down.

Mason Jars

Mason jars come in various sizes, but the sizes I use the most are 32 ounces and 16 ounces (wide and regular mouth). I prefer the wide mouth but have (and use) both.

Mason jars are great for food storage because they are cheap, leak-proof, easy to transport, and only take up a little space in the refrigerator.

I use 32-ounce mason jars for:

  • Mason jar salad recipes
  • Healthy smoothies
  • Cut up fruits and vegetables.
  • Leftover bagged lettuce or any leftover lettuce.

I use 16-ounce mason jars for:

  • Healthy Overnight Oats
  • Healthy Soups
  • Parfaits
  • Sauces like low-carb pizza sauce or easy enchilada sauce.
  • Spices like homemade taco seasoning or homemade ranch seasoning.

Here are a couple of recommendations if you choose to use mason jar containers:

  • Get plastic lids. The metal lids that come with the jars will eventually rust, and the plastic lids last forever, plus they are super easy to clean.
  • Get a bottle brush to wash the pots. This is especially helpful if you store smoothies in 32-ounce mason jars.

Where to purchase mason jar containers and supplies?

You can buy mason jar containers at your local grocery or retail store. I’ve seen them at Wegmans, Tops, Publix, Target, Whole Foods, Walmart, Aldi’s, and even Rite Aid and Walgreens. Sometimes these stores have a low supply or don’t offer the size(s) you need. In this case, you can turn to Amazon. Amazon prices are often higher than stores, but finding what you need is more leisurely.

Here are the links to purchase mason jar contains and supplies on Amazon:

  • 32-ounce jars
  • 16-ounce jars
  • Plastic lids
  • Bottlebrush

Pyrex Simply Store Containers

Pyrex Simply Store containers are my second favorite glass containers.

A few years ago, I came across a “starter box” of these containers at Target. The Pyrex Simply Store starter pack is a 24-piece set that comes in a variety of shapes:

All the containers have tight-fitting lids. The plastic cover is BPA-free and can go in the top rack of the dishwasher. Remember that these lids don’t lock and leak if they bounce around. If you want snap-on covers, then see my recommendation below.

I use these containers for EVERYTHING. I’ve used them to:

  • Assemble lunches or dinners beforehand to prepare them for the busy work week. This is great if you are using meal prep for weight loss.
  • Store taco meat, shredded chicken, grilled chicken, and every other cooked meat.
  • Marinate chicken breasts.
  • Store meal components such as cooked peppers, onions for fajitas, or beans for salads or sides.

Where to purchase Pyrex containers and supplies?

If you prefer one size over another, you can purchase all of these Pyrex Simply Store containers individually on Amazon or a retail store like Target.

Here are links to purchase the “starter kit” and individual sizes on Amazon:

  • Pyrex Simply Store Starter Kit
  • 6-cup rectangle containers
  • 3-cup rectangle containers
  • 4-cup round containers
  • 2-cup round containers
  • Extra Pyrex container lids.

1-compartment Snap-on lid Glass Rectangular Containers

A couple of years ago, I purchased 1-compartment snap-lid glass containers to store my husband’s salads. Because of the nature of his job, he needs a container he can eat from and one that won’t leak.

I started with 30-ounce ELLO containers. They have a silicone protector around the lid to keep the container from leaking and a glass lid.

These containers fit perfectly into Mike’s Stanley lunch box, and they keep his salads fresh all week and clean up great. Both lid and container can go in the dishwasher. We used these containers for about four years.

Then I bought these larger 36-ounce containers – he needed a little more room to mix everything up. This larger container still fits in his lunch box but on a little slant.

These larger containers were a perfect size.

Again, everything can go in the dishwasher top rack like the other snap-lid glass containers.

Since then, I’ve purchased more snap-lid glass containers for general meal prep storage. I use it to store everything from leftovers to saucy foods to dips to recipe components like cooked brown rice and shredded chicken. Anytime I make a big batch of food for the week, I use these containers to store it.

These containers also work great for bringing food on the go – you don’t need to worry about anything spilling because of the tight seal. For example, long trips in the car or when using a cooler. I’ve brought these containers to many places and never had an issue with leakage.

If you want glass containers with an added “no-spill” security layer, I recommend grabbing some 1-compartment snap-lid containers.

Where to purchase 1-compartment meal prep containers and supplies?

You can purchase these on Amazon:

  • 30-ounce snap-lid Ello glass meal prep containers
  • 36-ounce snap-lid glass meal prep containers

Two and 3-compartment snap-lid glass containers

If you like bento-style meals or want to keep food separate (yet together), these two and three-compartment snap-lid containers by Prep Naturals will work.

I wanted to love the divided ones when I started using glass containers. I do like them, but out of all the ones I’ve mentioned, these are the ones I use the least.

However, they do work great for things like:

  • portion-controlled meals or school lunches
  • parfaits
  • snacks
  • Anything where you want to keep ingredients separate.

One of the things I like about these glass meal prep containers is the dividers are part of the container. This way, you don’t need to worry about losing it. Of course, this might be fine for you, but I need things attached.

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