How To Use A Manual Can Opener

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A manual can opener is a must-have in the kitchen! It is quick and simple to use, but it may take some practice to get the most out of it. Open the arms of a handheld can opener, position the cutting edge and then rotate the handle. Swiss Army Knives have can opener blades that can be used to puncture the lid of a can. Simply unfold the blade and then use it. Be careful when using either can opener to avoid cutting yourself!

How to use a Handheld Can Opener

Open up the arms on the can opener. This will allow the cutting edge to be attached to the can. Grab one arm with each hand of the can opener and gently pull apart the arms. When the arms are in their open position, they will lock into place.

  • When using the can opener, the arms should only be opened while fitting the can.
  • They can be held in the air or on a flat surface.

The cutting edge of a can opener should be placed on the lid lip. While aligning the cutting edge, keep the arms of the opener open. Make sure that the cutting blade is on top of the can’s lip and that the serrated wheels are lined up with the furrow around the edge of the can. Make sure the rotating handle is on the outside edge of the can so you can easily turn it.

  • The cutting edge of the can opener is located next to the handle, axle, and serrated wheel, which bites the lid rim.
  • The serrated wheel’s purpose is to keep the can opener stable and attached while the cutting edge cuts the lid. The cutting edge is positioned over the raised lip next to the furrow.

Press both handles together to close the can opener. The cutting edge will be pushed into the lid. As the cutting edge punctures the lid, you will hear a hissing noise. This is the pressure being released from the can.

  • If it is too difficult, you may need to close the arms of the can opener with two hands.

Rotate the cutting edge by twisting the handle of the can opener clockwise. With one hand, hold the can opener arms, and the other hand, twist the handle. The serrated wheel will roll around the edge and puncture the can. You will need to work your way around the lid of the can until only 1/ 2 cm (1.3 cm) remains attached.

  • You can also continue cutting the lid until you get it off completely.
  • You may not be applying enough pressure when you turn the handle. The can opener will stop puncturing. If this happens, remove the can opener, attach it to the can at the point where you cut the lid, and then try again.

Remove the lid by lifting it off the can. Open the arms on the can opener to pull the can away. Use your fingers or a knife and carefully pry up the lid to reveal the contents. Pour out the contents of the can, and then recycle or throw away the can.

  • Avoid cutting yourself with the sharp edge of the can or on the lid that has been severed. You can safely pinch the top and bottom flat surfaces of the lid. Avoid touching the sides.
  • If the lid is completely separated from the can and the contents have been sunken, use a flat, strong object such as a knife to pry the lid out.


How to use a Swiss Army knife can opener blade

  • Fold the blade of the Swiss Army Knife to open the can. Fold out the can opener with your Swiss Army Knife. The can opener blade is made of three parts: a straight long edge, a round tip, and a second, longer edge that has a hook curved into its center. You can use the can opener blade as a screwdriver too!
  • Some Swiss Army knives can also be used as bottle openers. The can opener, in this case, will have a small indentation along the long edge.
  • The tip of the blade can be used to puncture the lip of a can. Hold the can with your non-dominant hand. Hold the blade tip against the lip and firmly press it down. The blade should be used to puncture the can in order to attach the attachment. Next, gently rock the Swiss Army Knife handle back and forth in order to cut along the can. Hold the can firmly while working to prevent spillage.
  • Holding the Swiss Army Knife at an angle, push the blade down on the can lid and then rock it forward.

Cut the lid by working your way around the can in a clockwise direction. Continue to puncture the blade into the can, and then rock the handle from side to side to cut along the can. You should always use your dominant hand when gripping the Swiss Army Knife handle and apply pressure to puncture the can.

The top can be completely separated, or a small part can remain attached.

It’s easier to use a Swiss Army Knife can opener that also doubles as a bottle opener by working anticlockwise.

Re-open the can if you missed any spots. This is a simple fix if you try to remove the lid, but it remains attached at some points. Place the can opener blade in the area where the lid is still attached to the can. Then, puncture the can using the blade. Try to remove the lid once more.

  • Remove the lid of the can. You can carefully remove the lid once it has been separated. Insert the blade of the can opener underneath the separated lid and gently push it up. Lift the lid gently out of the can using your fingers. The edges of the lid are extremely sharp.

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