Special Fried Rice Recipe

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Special fried Rice, a variation on the classic Chinese dish that is packed with richer, different ingredients, is an excellent way to spice up your meal. Fried Rice is a simple dish to prepare at home. It is also suited for a kitchen. This article will show you how to prepare this “special” version of fried Rice in the easiest possible way. From A to Z, we cover all the information you need about this dish. What makes this dish unique and special?

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What is Special Fried Rice?

Some types of meats are used to make special fried Rice, such as prawns, crab meat, or chicken.

In this variation, the Rice is topped with extra meats and veggies. You can, however, choose to exclude eggs and meat. It is a great vegetarian main dish, and it’s easy to prepare. How many types of special fried risotto are there?

Special Fried Rice Variations

The Sui Dynasty is the origin of fried Rice. This dish has been adapted in many different ways throughout Asia and beyond. This includes the Indonesian, and Singapore fried rice recipe, Thai Kao phat, and even Cuban arroz frito. Here are some of the most popular fried rice variations around the globe.

Indo-Chinese Special Fried Rice

In general, you can cook a lot of Chinese takeaway food in the Indo-Chinese style. This special fried Rice is not an exception.

The British colonizers of India brought Chinese immigrants to India looking for jobs, and they began to import Chinese products like tea and silk. The diaspora began cooking their own food and, in certain places (such as Calcutta), modified the recipes to suit Indian tastes.

Later, the cuisine developed into its own and became a comfort food staple in the country. Even though most Chinese would agree that these special fried-rice recipe dishes are not authentic, they remain a valid cuisine.

Fried Rice is another dish that is a staple in Indo-Chinese cuisine. Ingredients and flavors are different between the two. Try both to see which you prefer. Below you will find both recipes.

Difference between Indo-Chinese and Chinese Special Fried Rice

The following are some differences between Indo-Chinese and authentic Chinese special fried Rice:

  • Indo-Chinese versions often include spices that are more common in Indian cuisines, such as cumin, cardamom, and caraway. Chinese versions, on the other hand, include Chinese ingredients and flavorings such as Shaoxing Wine, white vinegar, and soy sauce. MSG is often used in Chinese cooking at home, but Indo-Chinese dishes will not include it.
  • Chinese cooking uses a much higher temperature and faster cooking times. In Indian versions, the spices are toasted separately in oil on medium heat. This results in Rice that are cooked at a different rate and have a different texture.

Other countries have their own versions of special fried Rice that cater to the tastes of those regions and use local ingredients.

American Style

American fried Rice is often sweeter, and ketchup is used to flavor it. Spanish versions tend to use more chili in line with the traditional cooking methods of similar dishes.

Fried Rice is a recipe that’s easy to make and can be made with leftovers. It’s also one of the easiest recipes for beginners. Our recipe for special Rice allows for modification and customization. You can customize the dish to suit your tastes. The versatility of this dish and its incredible range are what makes it such a classic. We urge you to try it.

First, is it nutritious enough for you to eat this dish as often as your body craves it?


A cup of special fried risotto can have anywhere between 225 and 555 calories. Most preparations have a minimal fat content. The bulk of the plate is made up of carbohydrates, fiber, and proteins.

The calorie content of a special fried-rice dish prepared in a restaurant can vary greatly because the ingredients can be any combination.

Recipes with fewer vegetables and meat, for example, will have a higher calorie count per serving because they contain less fiber and protein (and more carbohydrate) per serving.

Nutritional benefits

It does, however, contain vitamins like vitamins A, C, and E. Potassium and iron are also included. The dish is a balanced main course and does not require any side dishes.

Add lots of vegetables and protein to your fried rice recipe for maximum (metaphorical!) value. If you prefer more fiber, brown Rice can be substituted for white Rice in this recipe. What are the main ingredients of this dish? Are they healthy?

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