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Chilling Power, Invincible is the Chill Steel Pipe Actually Superman?

Chill baby, chill enjoy a “ice” day. Hearing aids being called “unbreakable” or “the last one you’ll ever need to buy” that can make it sound like… it’s a big challenge. We tried Chill Steel Pipe through its test and were happy with the quality of this remarkable stainless steel, insulated, water pipe. It’s no wonder it comes with a life-time guarantee.

Super Powered by an Pure Airpath

This is, in fact, the only water pipe you’ll ever have to purchase, a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that’s guaranteed to last for the rest of your life, so long as you don’t get it. Instead of being made from glass, like the traditional bong-style pipes Chill Steel Pipe is Chill Steel Pipe constructed of food-grade stainless steel and double-wall insulation. It’s similar to a high-end water bottle that can be reused. The inside includes a unique ceramic coating that catches the palate, and is cleaned just as easily as glass.

Even the Downstem is Indestructible

Chill Steel Pipe also includes an aluminum downstem that is indestructible and a glass bowl that completes the set. The downstem features a 14mm female-sized joint which means you can make use of it with any water pipe adapter or vaporizer. The gaskets are constructed of food-grade silicone to maintain the theme of purity.

It is the time when Chill Pipe Begs to be filled with ice

One of the things I love concerning this Chill Steel Pipe is how it’s easy to use when ice is present. For the best in cooling power take off the pipe’s neck by twisting it. Then fill it to 2/3 with ice Add liquid water in the area of the ice, and prepare for the most refreshing flavor you’ve ever had! Just as easily as you add Ice, you can clean the pipe thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol in the same way as you would with a glass pipe with the added benefit of not having to worry of breaking it.

A Iconic Piece that will Last Forever

The large-sized water pipe is available in a variety of colors and will become the main attraction on your shelves, absolutely. This Chill Steel Pipe Stainless is an amazing alternative for people who want the bong experience, without worrying about breaking everything. This durable Pipe that is unbreakable and has unbelievably amazing hits is an everyday part of your collection for years to be.


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