How to make sausage rolls

The sausage roll is a classic pub dish for good reason. The golden brown pastries filled with spicy sausage are delicious. You can use puff pastry that you have purchased or homemade and mix the sausage, seasonings, and mushroom. Roll the pastry, then place the links on it. Cut them into rectangles and roll them. Use small sausages in puff pastry to save time. Bake your sausages until they are puffed up and evenly cooked.


Sausage Rolls

  • Butter 2 tablespoons (28g)
  • Finely chop 1 1/3 cups (100g) of button mushroom
  • Worcestershire sauce, one tablespoon (15ml).
  • Tabasco Sauce, 15 ml
  • Thyme dried, one tablespoon (4g).
  • 1 pound (450g) of ground beef or sausage meat
  • Taste salt and freshly ground black Pepper
  • Thawed 16-ounce (450g) package puff pastry
  • One egg, beaten

Shortcut Mini-Sausage Rolls

  • Thawed 18-ounce (500g) puff pastry package
  • One egg, beaten
  • Eight herbed sausages
  • Taste salt and freshly ground black Pepper
  • Fresh thyme leaves, one small handful
  • Use flour to dust the work surface

Baking Shortcut Mini-Sausage Rolls

  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F (204 degrees C) and take out the puff pasty.  Unroll two sheets of puff pastry thawed from an 18-ounce (500g) package.
    • Keep your surface cool, or use marble to roll out the pastry.
    • Handle the puff pastry with care. You don’t want to see it puffing up as you bake it.
  • Cut each rectangle into eight smaller rectangles.  Each large rectangle should be cut in half using a sharp knife. Cut each rectangle in half lengthwise, and then make eight smaller rectangles.
    • You should now have 16 small rectangles.
    • Once you have finished cutting the sausages, you should end up with 16 thin links.
    • Use any flavor sausage if you cannot find the herbed ones. You may have to cut the links to fit if they are longer than your pastry rectangles.
  • Arrange the sausages on the egg-brushed rectangles.  Brush the end of each small rectangular with the egg beaten. On the other end, place a link.
    • Keep the egg wash leftover in the fridge, as you will need it again.
  • Sprinkle the sausage with salt, Pepper, and thyme.  You can season the sausages with as much or as little salt and Pepper as you want. Sprinkle one small handful of fresh leaves of thyme over the links.
  • Use fresh rosemary in place of the thyme. 
    • Roll the wash to the end so that the roll is sealed.
  • The sausage rolls should be chilled for at least 20 minutes.  Place each sausage roll on a baking tray and place the sheet into the refrigerator. The rolls should be refrigerated until the pastry is hardened.
  • The tops of the rolls should be scored and brushed with egg wash.  Use a sharp knife and remove the baking sheet from your refrigerator. Cut diagonal slits on the top of every sausage roll. Dip a pastry brush into the egg wash, and then brush each pastry with it.
  • Bake mini sausage rolls between 25 and 30 minutes.  Place the baking sheet into the oven, and bake the rolls until they are golden brown and puffy. Serve the sausage rolls while still warm.
    • Insert an instant-read temperature gauge to measure the internal temperature. Once the sausage is fully cooked, it should register 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius) on the thermometer.
    • Keep leftover rolls in the fridge for up to two days. Heat the rolls to 250 degrees F (121 degrees C) until they are warm.
  • Method2

Baking Sausage Rolls

  • Make an egg wash and preheat the oven to 400 degrees F (204 degrees C).  Use a fork and crack one egg in a small bowl. Keep the egg wash for when you are assembling the sausage rolls.
    • The egg wash will seal the pastry and help it brown while it bakes.
  • Sauté the mushrooms for five minutes.  Turn the stove to medium and add two tablespoons of butter (28g). Add 1 1/3 cups of button mushrooms finely chopped and cook until softened. Transfer the mushrooms to a bowl and turn off the stove.
    • Once the mushrooms are cooked, they should release liquid.
  • Add the Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, the thyme, and the sausage to the bowl.  Pour into the bowl one tablespoon (15ml) each of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Add one tablespoon (4g) dried thyme to the bowl, along with 1 pound (450g) sausage meat and salt and Pepper.
  • Mix the pork filling.  Mix the ingredients with a large spoon or by using your fingers. Pork sausages should be mixed with all the seasonings. Place the bowl aside and roll out the puff pasty.
  1. Roll two thawed sheets of puff pastry into large rectangles.  Lay each sheet of the 16-ounce (450g) puff pastry on a floured work surface. Roll each sheet of pastry with a rolling pin until it measures 18 x 12 inches (45 x 30 cm).
      • You can handle the pastry more often than normal. It’s okay to be rough with the dough. This will stop it from puffing too much.
  1. Divide your sausage mixture into two rectangles.  Roll each portion into a long and narrow roll. Each sausage portion should be nearly as long as each rectangle.
  2. Lay each sausage portion lengthwise on each pastry rectangle. Fold the pastry back over. Dip a pastry brush into the egg wash, and then brush the opposite edge of the pastry with it. Fold the pastry edge that is next to the meat. Line up the opposite edge with it and press firmly to seal the pastry.
      • The egg wash helps the pastry edges stick together.
      • Repeat the process for each rectangle or sausage portion.
  1. Each pastry roll can be cut into 8-10 individual sausage rolls.  Cut each pastry rectangle into unique sausages using a bench scraper or a sharp knife. Cut each pastry rectangle into ten pieces for smaller rolls. Each sausage roll can be cut into diagonal stripes by cutting several strips.
      • Cut each rectangle into eight pieces if you want to make larger rolls.
  1. Bake the rolls for 15-20 minutes on a baking tray.  Place the sausage rolls at least one inch (2.5 cm) apart on an oven sheet. Bake the sausage rolls in the oven until the pastry is golden brown, and they have puffed up. Serve the hot rolls immediately after removing them from the oven.
      • Insert an instant-read thermometer to check the temperature of your meat. The temperature must reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius).
    • Refrigerate leftover sausage rolls for up to two days in an airtight container. Reheat them in a 250 degF oven (121 degC).


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